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Paula Rinehart Counseling

Individuals - Couples - Families

Paula Rinehart,


For about 20 years now, it’s been a great pleasure to help individuals and couples around the Triangle sort through the complexities and pressures of their lives.

Insightful counseling at the right time can help us find the road we were always meant to travel. It’s a process of coming along side another person and really trying to hear the story that’s shaped them. Often, in some mysterious way, a new chapter emerges.

My own shaping influences include 20 years on staff with a Christian organization, the literary tutelage of mentors like C.S. Lewis, and a graduate degree in social work. I count as no small education a marriage of nearly 38 years, as well as the lessons in humility that come with raising two children, now grown.

Writing and speaking are also interests of mine, so you can find more information, if you’d like, at

Some of my specialties include:

* Grief

* Life Transitions

* Anxiety and Depression

* Childhood sexual abuse

* Addiction

* Trauma

* Parenting Issues

* Couples Counseling

Contact Paula at:

919.349.1776 or [email protected]